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Mission Statement:


RUSMED CONSULTANTS, LLC. is a for profit agency whose principal mission is to provide an encouraging environment which promotes normalization, improves or maintains adaptive skills while supporting the success of modification for adult consumers with mental retardation/developmental disabilities.


Our Philosophy

RUSMED CONSULTANTS, LLC. is dedicated to providing person centered treatment and quality based services. Resources will be allocated to best carry out this agency’s mission statement. The allocations of resources are captured in the continuity of care, administrative, clinical and professional training affiliation lines. This agency is committed to supporting any professional training necessary to maintain a superior quality of services. This agency recognizes each individuals need and is committed to providing staff with opportunities for growth, development, and training. All professional staff is required to participate in continuing education in order to continue to provide the best quality of services. We have over 25 years of experience in working with people in this industry.

Tammy Russell-Meadows



Operations Manager


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